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Mosquito (8/12/2020) - Great news! The vegetation management work we have been doing on our Mosquito project is finished. This area had areas of very thick manzanita and other brush. In our opinion the area looks a lot better and safer. Continue Reading
Fungi (8/11/2020) - Look at this crazy fungus! The fungi kingdom is more similar to the animal kingdom than the plant kingdom. There are over 1.5 million fungus species in the world. Fungi plays an important role by breaking down organic matter which can release carbon, nitrogen, and oxygen. Some are edible and others can be used in… Continue Reading
August 10, 2020 (8/10/2020) - Happy Monday everyone! Let's start off the week right with a High Sierra lake picture. Today in Placerville there will be a high of 95° and a low of 69°. Have a wonderful day! Continue Reading
Ferns (8/6/2020) - Ferns have been around for 360 million years, 200 million years before flowering plants evolved. They are helpful in preventing and eliminating pollutants because they are able to remove heavy metals from the air and soil. Some fern species can live for over 100 years. Ferns are amazing plants! A fern in El Dorado County Continue Reading


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