Stevens Authority – Grizzly Flat (18)

The Grizzly Flat (18) Project is one of two community wildfire fuels reduction projects currently funded through a Stevens Authority grant. The project will consist of roadside treatments along Henry’s Diggins roads, focusing on reducing fire hazard, improving tree health, and increasing forest resilience. The treatments will eliminate the vertical and horizontal continuity of vegetative fuels for the purpose of reducing the rate of fire spread, duration and intensity, fuel ignitability, and ignition of tree crowns. This roadside vegetation removal is intended to create safe ingress and egress for residents of the Grizzly Flat community and responding emergency personnel. It is a collaborative effort between the U.S. Forest Service, El Dorado County Fire Safe Council, Grizzly Flat Fire Safe Council and El Dorado County and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation Districts (RCDs). 

Specific treatment areas include a 200’ wide area along both sides of Caldor Road for the full west to east length of the road through Henry’s Diggins and a 200’ depth along both sides of the designated tributary roads for their full length between Caldor Road and the Henry’s Diggins southern boundary. The roadside fuel reduction prescriptions used may include mechanical (mastication / chipping) and hand thinning methods, removal of ladder fuels and treatment of slash. Objectives include removing trees less than 12 inches in diameter at 4 1⁄2 feet above ground on both improved and unimproved private property. No ground disturbing equipment (i.e., bulldozer or excavator pushing soil) will be utilized. The type of treatment used will depend on topography, vegetation cover and abilities of the contractor. 

Work is currently in the planning phase, with a Request for Proposals (RFP) set to be posted for bids in 2021, and will be completed by 2023. Landowners whose properties fall within the desired treatment area will be sent a Right of Entry (ROE) agreement from the RCDs, which must be signed and returned in order for each property to be included. Work will be coordinated with the landowners and completed at no cost to them. Community participation in the project is both voluntary and essential to the project’s success.

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