AmeriCorps partnership

The El Dorado and Georgetown Divide Resource Conservation District’s selects an AmeriCorps member each year. The member is an individual enrolled for an 11-month term of service with the Sierra Nevada AmeriCorps Partnership. AmeriCorps members are engaged in National Service and are not volunteers or employees. They play a unique role in a community or organization to address unmet needs.


The RCD was organized to address resource management problems and promote sound management of natural resources in El Dorado County. The mission statement of the El Dorado and Georgetown Divide RCD is “To promote the responsible stewardship of our natural resources within our boundaries.” The Watershed Program specifically addresses the objective to ‘design a watershed education program to increase watershed awareness, promote watershed stewardship, provide professional training, and provide opportunities for the public to actively engage in watershed protection and restoration’. The AmeriCorps member is an integral part in meeting this objective and the overall objectives of the RCD.


This years AmeriCorps member is Andrea Jo Johnson. She is a recent graduate from Utah State University and wanted to gain experience and spend time in the Sierra Nevada. She has been hard at work helping with the SAGE map contest, educating students about natural resource topics, creating photo points and procedures for the RCD’s vegetation management projects, and undertaking other outreach opportunities.