Fish Friendly Farming

An Environmental Certification Program

The Fish Friendly Farming®(FFF) program is an incentive-based method for creating and sustaining water quality and habitat on private land. Landowners and managers enroll in the program, learn and apply environmentally beneficial management practices and carry out restoration and erosion control projects.

The FFF program Integrates economic use of land with the production of environmental benefits. The program's focus is the land manager as the central figure in achieving and sustaining environmental quality. This approach ensures long-terrn environmental improvements and sustainable agriculture. Fish Friendiy Farming provides for voluntary, self-directed compliance with state and federal clean water laws, Federal Endangered
Species Act and pesticide and local regulations.

In El Dorado County the Resource Conservation Districts are currently working with 16 producers to become certified, 6 producers are currently certified under this program.

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The FFF program is a project of the California Land Stewardship Institute.
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