Watershed Signage Project


Awareness is the first step toward becoming interested in the watershed, which leads to the public becoming more involved in the decision-making and hands-on watershed and water quality protection and restoration efforts.

  • To enhance the public’s awareness of the watershed in which they live and to encourage good stewardship of our valuable streams, wetlands, water supply, and overall watershed.
  • To create a sense of ownership and responsibility of local streams and the surrounding environment.


  • Create an educational awareness Watershed Creek Signage program that can easily be implemented by the District.
  • Develop a program that will be funded by independent local entities. These entities can sponsor creek signs, while providing a form of publicity for the local entity as well as providing local involvement in improving the environment.
    • Cause the public to take better care of its resources and help solve problems like: Dumping of household garbage, old appliances and yard waste into streams.
    • Improper use and disposal of chemicals.
    • Littering.

Informational Brochure


Steps to sponsoring a sign at a Creek near you:

1) Choose a sign location from the list

2) Read and sign the adoptee agreement

3) Fill out the application and submit to the Resource Conservation District