Buying Local Meats Q & A

In ordering local meats you must keep in mind that just as your garden grows and produces for a season, much of the local meat is also offered during certain times of the year. Grass Fed Beef dependent on the spring grasses to grow are available usually in late spring thru early summer. We do have a few producers that on good water years have great meadows that produce feed later into the season and there for have beef latter into the year. Give producers a call and see how their management fits your needs. If they are unable to help you they may know another producer you can contact.

Here are some frequently asked question that might help you get started:

In what quantities do I buy my beef?
Normally, the customer buys a quarter, half or a whole animal.  Hanging weight (after butchering) of a half  animal is usually between 225 – 250 pounds.  However, some customers prefer a larger animal, and that too, can be accommodated.

How much meat does a half or whole equal?
You can assume approximately 70% of the hanging weight will be cut and wrapped per your instructions and in need of room in your freezer.

Do I have to cut the meat up myself?
No. We recommend you utilize a professional butcher.

How much will it cost?
Three costs are involved in the purchase of Forni Beef.  First, the cost of half an animal runs approximately $425 - $450, depending on the size of the animal.  This is paid directly to Forni Ranch when the animal is taken to the butcher.  Second, a flat fee, known as a kill charge, is paid directly to a professional slaughterer – approximately $65 for a half animal.  Then third, the butcher receives approximately 75 cents per pound of hanging weight for cutting, wrapping and freezing your meat.

When do I place my order?
You should order your beef by the middle of April as our butchering program begins in May.  We feel the springtime feed gives the best flavor to our beef.

How much freezer space for a quarter, a half, etc?
7.5 and 15 cubic ft is recommended.

How much per pound?
That one's tough because it depends on so many factors like how the customer wants to have it cut up.


AN IMPORTANT CONSIDERATION:  Freezer space – Make sure you have enough room for your meat!