Project Summary


In 2009, The Gold Bug Park Fire Safe Plan Implementation project was effectively executed.The proposed plan was identified as a high priority by the Chief of the El Dorado County Fire Protection District. The scope of the plan encompassed the following: 1) Fuel treatment along roads, trails, and around structures and mature trees; 2) Construction of shaded fuel reduction zones; 3) Construction of a fuel break; 4) Ignition prevention; and 5) Fuel treatment maintenance.  The Gold Bug Park Fire Safe Plan Implementation project successfully met the goals and objectives of reducing the number, size, and intensity of wildfires; modifying the existing high hazard fuels; ensuring defensible space is provided around structures; ensuring high risk practices are mitigated; ensuring fuel treatment measures are maintained; and promoting land management practices that: maintain a healthy stand of native vegetation, consider wildlife habitat, protect the soil, water, and the visual resources, protect Park structures and protect mature trees.

The park is now up to date with their Fire Safe Plan requirements but remains in post-fuels reduction conditions. The woody debris from ladder fuels remains on the ground and the area was mostly cleared of vegetation, which was predominately whiteleaf manzanita, (Arctostaphylos viscida).The purpose of the Gold Bug Park Restoration Project and the Committee is to create a plan to restore the treated area to a condition that is useable for park visitors.

Project Goals and Objectives

The goal of the Gold Bug Park Restoration project is to (develop Gold Bug Park in a manner that enhances the parks ability to provide a vibrant environment that allows the community to discover and connect with nature, socialize with community members, and provide a place for families to play, exercise and bond.) This will be achieved through the following objectives: 1) re-establishment and expansion of the trail system; 2) formation of informational signage along trail; 3) addition of vegetation that will establish habitat, attract wildlife and create a pleasant atmosphere for visitors; 4) establishment of picnic areas and open natural areas for recreation; and 5) restoration of the historic Baltic Tower and; 6) road stabilization and erosion control.


Gold Bug Park Site Map

Concept Level Site Plan


Current Progress

The District is committed to the completion of the project and continues to make progress with the help of dedicated community members and volunteers. Committed volunteers from the community have particiapted in trash removal to clean up the park and remove a large amount of tires. There has been several volunteer weed eradication days with local boyscout troops and community volunteers to help remove invasive plant species such as Scotch broom, Thistle and Blackberry. This work has successfully reduced the amount of noxious weeds. In addition, a donation of trees from the Eldorado National Forest nursery and a local Native Plant Society member was recently planted throughout the park with volunteers from Folsom Lake College and the Union Mine High School Environmental Club.